What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?


What is SMP

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Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a form of semi-permanent makeup used to restore the look of hair on someone who is experiencing hair loss.


Scalp Micro-pigmentation is performed similarly to other types of permanent makeup; with a needle that vibrates at a high speed with pigment on it. The needle is rotating at such a high speed that it mimics the look of each hair follicle when implanting the pigment into the scalp.

When the needle is vibrating, it gets implanted into the same skin layer that hair follicles are formed resulting in a very natural look. This procedure will last 3-6 years and the client will just have to get the treatment touched up and they will be good again for another 3-6 years. Since this procedure lasts a long time, the cost for this procedure is very high compared to other forms of permanent makeup. A scalp procedure ranges anywhere from $2,000 to $4,500 which is a very profitable technique to perform.


We have world-renowned scalp micro-pigmentation training here at Elite. There are many mistakes that can be made when performing this technique and since it is on someone’s head, you don’t want to make those beginner mistakes. In our training, we teach all of our students the proper way to perform this technique and what mistakes to avoid.

“We have a 5-day scalp micro-pigmentation training course available year-round.  This training will come included with the exact machine and products our professional team uses! You can book your training.