Grow Your Business With A Professional Website For Microblading and Permanent Makeup!


You must get trained from a quality school if you wish to have a successful Microblading/PMU business.



A nice website will only get you clients, but it is on you to make sure your clients leave happy, so keep on practicing!



It is very important to get your marketing game on point. A website is where you will have all the information about your business and where clients will book appointments.


MAKE $$$

If you are doing your marketing correctly through your website/social channels and deliver great service to those clients, you will be making more money than you could’ve imagined.

A Successful Business Starts With A Website

Many people ask the question, “Do you still need a website anymore, it’s 2019.” Think about it. You are reading this right now from a website. They are more relevant than ever, especially if you wish to run a professional business. When you advertise anything, you need a link to send traffic to, and that can’t be done without a website. Your site is where you will upload all of your new content, customers will book appointments, and the central authority to all your advertising efforts.

Why Do I Need A Website?

Each website is made from scratch (not on go daddy, wix, squarespace, etc.). This way, we can customize anything we please and integrate your appointment booking system and email collection into your website.


Center Of All
Your Marketing.

Any advertising you do will go directly to your website where you will then be able to advertise back to people who visited your website in the past.


Seamless Appointment
Booking Integration.

You’d be suprised at the amount of people book an appointment online with us without ever calling or texting us. We implement appointment booking (you choose available hours) through the website so customers can schedule appointments straight from your website.


Grow Your
Customer Email List.

The #1 tool in marketing to this day is email marketing. We will integrate a email collection popup to collect emails from all website visitors where you can then send out specials/promotions.


Analyze Your
Business' Numbers.

It is very important to track the “numbers” of your business. We connect each site to google analytics so you are able to see how many people view your website, what pages people visit, how long they stayed on the website, etc.

A Clean Looking Gallery To Display Your Work.

It is crucial to constantly update your gallery with your most recent work. When someone is debating about doing a procedure with you, the first thing they will do is see your past work. If it is displayed in a clean & elegant gallery, they will surely be impressed and become your client.