Microblading Classes

Learn Microblading From Start To Finish

This course covers Microblading as well as eyebrow shading. You will be provided with a live model and a Microblading kit. We will teach you all the microblading secrets and techniques that attract people from all over the world to elite.

5 Day Course




Learn the art of microblading from our elite certified instructors and get hands on practice creating natural brows.


Get hands on experience working on a live model with guided help of our Elite certified instructors.


Expand your skill set with the art of shading to create fuller brows serving clients that aren’t fit solely for microblading.


Once you complete your training with us, you will be able to bring in clients and work on them from our fully licensed salon in Los Angeles.

Is This Class For You?

If you have little to no previous microblading experience, this is the class for you. We will teach you everything start to finish you need to get started with a new career in microblading.


No Experience

This class is perfect for beginners or artists with little experience in the field looking to expand their skills/services.


New Career

Our curriculum is catered for people to turn their microblading into a full time business.


Work Space

Once you complete your training with us, you will be able to bring in clients and work on them from our fully licensed salon in Los Angeles.



20 Elite Microblades

Premium Quality Microblades


Elite Pigments

Vegan and Cruelty Free


Inkless Fake Skin

No Pigment Needed


Elite Fake Skin

For Perfect Practice


Practice Equipment

All the little things


Brow Pencils

3 Select Eyebrow Pencils


Eyebrow Rulers

For Exact Brow Measurements

How To Get Registered

Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate
Before training, you will need to take an online bloodborne pathogen training course to understand the fundamentals of how to work with blood and also get certified to practice in the state of California. This course is $23 and will take 3 hours to complete. Once the course is completed and you have been certified you can start your training. The certificate is only valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually for you to be able to practice as a Body Artist in the state of California.
Get Ready For Your Exciting New Career
Once you have placed your deposit, you will receive an email with the documents to send over before attending class. You will be asked to pay an additional fee of $100 in order to get you registered with the Los Angeles health department which you must renew annually.

Frequently Asked Questions


You will need to complete an online Blood borne Pathogen Training for Los Angeles County. You will need to be certified by the Los Angeles Health Department as a Body Art Practitioner in order to legally work on a model. We can register you with the health department for an additional charge of $100, just make sure to email us your blood borne certificate prior to attending to the training.

Yes! We provide you with one live model which you will work on with an instructor.

Yes, you will get a practice microblading kit that includes elite microblades, pigments, accessories.

Not to worry, we have years of experience training students from all over the world. If you are coming from out of state, you will need to be registered as a body art practitioner in Los Angeles in order to work on the model provided in the course. In addition, when returning home, you will need to get registered in your local county as a body art practitioner in order to legally work on your clients.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your course, you must provide a written notice to info@elitepmu.com at least 7 days before the start date of your course. If you sign up for a course within the 7 day period, you are still subject to the same cancellation policy. If a written notice is not provided within those 7 days, we will refund the course amount minus a deposit of $250. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your course after the course has begun, your entire course price will be forfeited.


The full cost of the training is $3,000 which can be financed or paid in full.

You must leave a deposit of $250 in order to save your seat for your desired training date. You can also pay for the course in full or finance it. If you are not financing the course, the full balance will be due on the first day of class.

Yes, you can pay with credit card or a debit card.

Your balance is due on the first day of class.