Threading Classes: Learn the Art of Precise Hair Removal in Santa Monica


Gone are the days when threading was just another salon service. Now, it’s a highly sought-after skill in the beauty industry. This ancient technique of hair removal is recognized for its precision, making it a popular choice for shaping brows and removing facial hair. Are you interested in mastering this delicate art? Elite Permanent Makeup & Training Center is proud to offer threading classes in the heart of Santa Monica, California. Join us and embark on an enriching journey of learning and self-development.

The Art of Threading: Elegance in Every Thread

Threading involves the use of a thin thread to roll over hairlines and pluck hair at the follicle level. It’s a craft that demands precision, finesse, and a steady hand. And these are skills you can cultivate at Elite Permanent Makeup & Training Center.

Why Learn Threading?

  • In-demand skill. With an increasing number of people seeking threading for its precision and minimal discomfort, threading specialists are in high demand.
  • Career advancement. Threading is a highly specialized skill that can set you apart in the beauty industry and pave the way for career growth.
  • Flexibility. This is a skill you can use to provide freelance services, start your own business, or simply as a valuable addition to your beauty routine.

Why Elite Permanent Makeup & Training Center?

At Elite Permanent Makeup & Training Center, we take pride in offering comprehensive, hands-on threading classes taught by the industry’s best. Our training program, curated by Mahnaz Bahaelou, ensures every student gets personalized attention and guidance.

Thread Your Way to Success with Elite

Our threading course is a perfect blend of theory and practical sessions, designed to equip you with knowledge about:

  • The basics. We cover the fundamentals of threading, including the history, benefits, and suitable skin types.
  • Techniques. Learn different threading techniques and methods to ensure safe and efficient hair removal.
  • Client care. We teach you how to manage clients, maintain hygiene standards, and deal with aftercare and potential side effects.

Join the Elite Team Today

If you’re ready to step up your beauty game and add a valuable skill to your repertoire, Elite Permanent Makeup & Training Center is here to help. Visit our website to learn more about our threading classes and secure your spot today. Let’s shape your beauty career, one thread at a time!

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