Learn The Art Of Microblading, In Our Online And Interactive Training

We have put together all of the tutorials, videos, and key information we have gathered over the many years we have been teaching microblading and put them in an online course, so you can learn from anywhere!

Course Price: $750

Why Train With Elite?

  • 3 Months of Support & Mentorship
  • California Certified Academy
  • Get Certified In Microblading From Anywhere
  • Quit Your Boring 9-5 Job
  • Fully Stocked Kit of Elite Microblading Supplies
  • Get Access To The Community of Elite Artists
  • More Affordable Than Training In Person
  • Become a Boss In The Beauty Industry $$$

Your Elite Product Kit Will Include:

  • Set of 20 Elite Microblading Tools
  • Elite Microblading Pigments
  • Elite Practice Skins
  • Elite Eyebrow Pencils
  • Elite Course Workbook
  • Elite Client Setup Material Packages
  • Elite Aftercare Gel
  • Elite Beauty Case

How Much $ Will I Make:

Microblading Artists 275($ Per Hour)
Eyelashes 158($ Per Hour)
Lawyer 210($ Per Hour)
Nurse 180($ Per Hour)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Certified?

Yes! Upon completion of the course, we will ship you out an official “Elite” certificate that is hand signed by your master trainers and Mahnaz (Founder of Elite).

Is This The Same As Training In Person?

Al of the same information covered in this course is the same information that would be covered if you came for our in person training. We even ship you out the same kit of supplies that you would get if you came for our in person training. The only difference is that this course is taken at your own pace.

Will I Receive A Kit of Products?

Yes. Once you purchase the class, we will ship you out a box of products and your course workbook so you can get started on the class. All shipments are shipped out same day or the next day after purchasing the course.

How Long Will It Take Me To Complete?

The course is the same information as our in person course which is 5 days. Since you will be taking this course at your own pace, it will take you 3-6 weeks to complete if you are doing a few hours a week.

Student Resources

Learn The “Elite” Microblading Technique