Can You Learn Microblading Online?

The microblading industry has been exploding over the recent years, and although this is good to advance the culture, it came with lots of average microblading artists starting to train beginners.

The problem with this is that if you get trained by an artist with little experience, there is only so much knowledge you can soak up, resulting in lots of inexperienced artists in the industry.

By far the best way to train is in a live hands on training session with a reputable and experienced artist or facility. The only issue we face with this is that so many people want to train with us but find it hard to make time to book a trip over to Los Angeles. This is part of the reason we launched our online microblading training. This bring rise to the question, “can you really learn microblading online?” The short answer is yes, and here’s why.

Microblading is a skill that is learned through practice and repetition. It is just like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you get. With our online class, we provide all our students with a kit full of all the supplies they will need to work on their first clients as well as practice material to perfect their technique. It also comes with tons of detailed videos of each step of the microblading process as well as full length live procedures.

This way, you are able to soak in the knowledge of our top artists and instructors who perform microblading on a daily basis. Our online class instructors see about 4-5 clients every single day, so they have tons of key information to share. When you learn in an online class like this, you will be able to soak up far more knowledge than a hands on training with an artist with little experience.

With this being said, if you can make the trip to learn hands on from experience artists, it will be very beneficial to see them work on clients in person and soak up all their knowledge right before your eyes. Hands on courses are more expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, we recommend going with an online microblading training.

What Is Included In The Online Microblading Training?

We compiled all the lessons from our hands on training sessions and filmed them so you can learn microblading from anywhere. We included tons of detailed explanations of each step in the microblading process. You have the option of choosing the course with a kit or without a kit, but with the kit is highly recommended so you can practice.

Will I be In Contact With An Instructor Once The Course Is Completed?

Yes, you will be in direct contact with our elite instructors once the course is completed. This is very beneficial if you have a specific question about a client which tends to come up a lot.

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