Is Permanent Makeup Painful?


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This is one of the top questions we get here at Elite Permanent Makeup, “does permanent makeup hurt?” The short answer is, no and here’s why.

All of the clients that come to us are always pleasantly surprised to find that permanent makeup is not nearly as painful as they imagined. This is because we use a medical grade numbing cream so you won’t feel a thing

Our numbing cream consists of three magic ingredients: Lidocaine, Benzocaine, and Tetracaine. A combination of these three results in a very strong numbing cream which leads to a pleasant experience whether you are getting microblading, lip tinting, or another one of our awesome services!

With all that being said, some clients will feel slightly uncomfortable when getting microblading or a similar procedure done due to the “scratching” sensation.

When getting microblading, a tool called a “microblade” is used to make a small incision into your skin with a colored pigment. The process of microblading tends to have a weird scratching sound that is uncomfortable to some. It gives you the same feeling of nails scratching across a chalkboard.

Overall, permanent makeup and microblading is a very painless procedure if the right numbing cream is used. There might be some uncomfortable sounds involved, but you will be pleasantly surprised about how little you feel. Some clients of ours even fall asleep when getting permanent makeup done.

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