Emily Graham

Master Artist

Emily began her professional journey in the fashion industry as a skilled fashion designer and product developer. Possessing a profound interest in permanent makeup, she embarked on her PMU journey by enrolling in Elite’s microblading course.

Utilizing her artistic flair and design expertise, she quickly excelled and demonstrated her passion for the industry by successfully completing all of the courses offered by our institution. Emily’s passion and hard work have earned her a coveted position as a master artist and instructor at our prestigious academy.

She serves as an exemplary illustration of how perseverance and dedication can enable one to flourish in a novel industry. We are delighted to witness Emily’s continued growth and success as a valued team member, and we remain confident in her ability to make significant contributions to the PMU community. Her all-time favorite services to perform are freckles, lip blushing, scar camouflage, stretch mark removal & areola reconstruction!