Elina Berengian

Licensed Cosmetologist | Master PMU Artist | Instructor

Elina is an experienced and passionate licensed cosmetologist with over 7 years of expertise in the transformative art of permanent makeup. With a successful salon ownership background, she confidently ventured across borders to establish herself in the United States, where she now shines as an expert in her field.

She began her journey in 2016 by enrolling in a Microblading Course, from there Elina was able to swiftly hone her skills and expanded her clientele, mastering a wide range of permanent makeup services. From flawless eyebrow enhancements to remarkable lip coloration techniques, she incorporates versatility and beauty in her craft.

Her dedication to her role as a Master PMU Artist and Instructor at Elite Permanent Makeup and Training Center is truly exceptional. Elina is committed to sharing her vast knowledge and expertise, empowering aspiring PMU Artists to follow in her footsteps.

In pursuit of perfection and innovation, Elina continues to push boundaries and explore emerging trends within the industry, including one of her specialties – Nano Brows. Her relentless quest for excellence ensures that her clients receive not only exceptional results but also the utmost care and attention to detail.

Elina's Portfolio